About me

I work on applying deep learning research breakthroughs to astrophysics. I focus on combining crowdsourcing and deep learning to do better science than with either alone. Much of this work is as Technical Lead for citizen science project Galaxy Zoo. You can read more about my research projects here.

I’m currently a Dunlap Fellow at the University of Toronto.

I was previously a postdoc (PDRA) at the University of Manchester, supervised by Anna Scaife and working on the foundation model experiments that led to my Fellowship. I did my DPhil at Oxford, where I developed a state-of-the-art active learning approach to classify million galaxies with crowdsourcing and Bayesian convolutional neural networks (see this official TensorFlow blog). I also set a new benchmark at detecting merging galaxies. Before that, I worked at fintech startup Cytora using machine learning and messy open data to price insurance.

You can contact me here.