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Hooks in PyTorch Lightning v2

PyTorch Lightning v2.0 has made two major changes to pl.LightningModule methods.

First, training_epoch_end(outputs) methods have been removed in favor of on_training_epoch_end().

Notice how the _on function is not quite the same: the outputs argument has been removed, requiring users to explicitly store outputs as a self. property. The release notes have a good example:


class LitModel(L.LightningModule):
    def training_step(self, batch, batch_idx):
        return {"loss": loss, "banana": banana}
    # `outputs` is a list of all bananas returned in the epoch
    def training_epoch_end(self, outputs):
        avg_banana =["banana"] for out in outputs).mean()  


class LitModel(L.LightningModule):
    def __init__(self):
        # 1. Create a list to hold the outputs of `*_step`
        self.bananas = []
    def training_step(self, batch, batch_idx):
        # 2. Add the outputs to the list
        # You should be aware of the implications on memory usage
        return loss
    # 3. Rename the hook to `on_*_epoch_end`
    def on_training_epoch_end(self):
        # 4. Do something with all outputs
        avg_banana =
        # Don't forget to clear the memory for the next epoch!

The idea is to make it obvious that using epoch_end actions requires all the batch-level outputs to be stored until the end of the epoch rolls around.

If you were using training_epoch_end(outputs) to update your TorchMetric metrics, as the TorchMetrics docs suggest (my issue), this will now raise an error.

You might think you could replace the TorchMetrics updates in the similar training_step_end(outputs) methods. Unfortunately, and much less obviously from the release notes, these have also been removed - and will now silently do nothing.

Instead, you can use on_train_batch_end(outputs). For example, in Zoobot:

def on_train_batch_end(self, outputs, *args):

This appears to work well for multi-GPU training. It also avoids storing batch outputs in memory. Overall I’m grateful to the Lightning team for the new release - I hadn’t noticed the previous memory-consuming behaviour before.

The Zoobot changes are now on dev and will be live on main and PyPI in the next few days.